next stop: te araroa

next stop: te araroa

Lost Ledge site, Kootenay Lake Kaslo, BC: October

Slipping into a merino wool onzie in my tent this evening was more awkward than a flamingo trying to walk across a frozen sheet of ice.

Yes, I lifted that image from Planet Earth II. You should watch it– an excellent way  to procrastinate!

Yes, despite my current state of warmth and a sleek ninja like elegance in my night time sartorial choice, much like that flamingo under normal circumstances, putting that onzie on was a  a bit of personal comedy.

The idea of integrating a sheep suit (that’s icebreaker’s official moniker for this piece) into my complete sleep system seemed like a no trainer at first.  Merino is naturally antimicrobial; thermo regulating. These are important factors when you spend your days simmering in your own funk, dealing with the magic and wonder of an in-land rain forest  that is the Purcell wilderness. It is also comfortable as a hug and down right sexy!

But, you see, I’ve not tried to wear this  onzie before from inside a tent. This is the first time I am actually testing the efficacy of an elegant idea: a lightweight sleep system that doesn’t compromise on warmth, comfort, and safety.

This is sleep system:

Bag: Nunatak down quilt (-1C,  15 oz)
Pad: Thermarest Prolite 3/4 (16 oz)
Liner: Sea to Summit silk (4 oz)
Worn: icebreaker’s socks & sheepsuit (16 oz)

Total weight 3 lb 2 oz.

The temperature outside is hovering around a brisk -2 degrees Celsius. The ground beneath my tent is packed shale on the verge settling in for the coming winter. The chill is penetrating my thin Merino layer as I type this note, resting my forearms on the tent floor… 

The dark water beyond the shores of my tent is undulating and is audible. indifferent, determined and oily black, or so I imagine from within. somehow that is comforting, this waterborne lullaby, the soundtrack to my night.

I love sleeping in my tent  in this cocoon of warmth and wilderness luxury. I am already anticipating tomorrow night in the Alpine.

I am going to call it a night, hoping  for a warm, deep sleep.

By the way, did I mention that I just came from a lengthy soak at natural hot spring?

More on that soon.

K2 my hiking partner is finally here from North Carolina. We fly to new Zealand to thru hike Te araroa in a week…

so it's a beach walk, eh

so it's a beach walk, eh

another place, yet another drift….a mountainous preamble toward my Appalachian Amble

another place, yet another drift….a mountainous preamble toward my Appalachian Amble