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i have tried to aggregate my hikes and adventures in a coherent way as i can manage in this page. my travels have hardly been linear. in fact, i find frequently that all we do is to reconstruct events even as we experience them. my stories and travels make sense in retrospect. i am to stumble upon something meaningful in my experiences it is because they hark back to something earlier. space and memory spiral backwards and inwards, i find. here’s a collection of some of my travels through space and time


image courtesy of arizona trail association

arizona desert trail, usa

i plan to start the arizona desert trail on february 16, 2019. it spans the length of the sonoran desert, ancestral lands of the navajo, hopi, apache, ute, mojave people to name just a few, from mexico to utah.

800 miles long, my north bound hike will start from the us/mexican border continue through montezuma pass, through the grand canyon and end, officially, at the utah/arizona state line. i expect this hike to take 5-6 weeks. this estimate is weather dependent.

to follow along please visit my trail journals for updates, gear lists and images and the arizona trail association for more information on specific trip planning.

te araroa trail, aoteoroa/new zealand

maori people call it the land of the long white cloud or aoteoroa. oral tradition has it that when mt. taupo erupted a long white cloud followed the length of the land otherwise known as new zealand. an estimated 3000 km long collection of mountain paths, coastal paths farm access, river and ocean crossings and passages and road walks, the te araroa is truly diverse.

on a brisk day in november, 2016 i began at the northern edge of new zealand, at cape reinga. tasman sea and the pacific ocean colide with such violence at watery boundary that the maori deem it the the entrance to the other world. a puhutakawa treee marks the entrance from where souls flee into the awaiting oceanic maelstrom.

no two thru hike is alike nor do they fail to deliver unforeseen, often unimaginable experiences. i’ve tried to document many important aspects of my travels through aoteora, encountered and be immersed in the tikanga and whakappa of the iwi and hapus that took me in.

it is difficult for me to describe what this trail means to me, even in retrospect. officially the trail begins at cape reinga in north island and ends at bluff in south island . to say that my was non-linear is a gross understatement. i can only sum up my time in aoteora in the following: ko au te awa ko te awa ko au : the river is me i am the river

tihei mauriora

please visit the te araroa trust to learn more.


map courtesy of thermarestblog & freeworldmaps.net


map courtesy of the appalacian trail conservancy

appalachian national scenic trail, usa

often nicknamed the grand daddy of them all, the appalachian trial (at) spans fourteen states from springer mountain, in georgia to the peak of baxter state park in maine at mt. katahdin. officially 20186.3 miles at the time of my thru hike, five million foot steps, 11 times the elevation profile of everest; the longest pubcrawl of my life—so far.

southern and northern appalachia is ancestral lands to many indigenous people including but certainly not limited to the kootenei, cherokee and shawnee nations. large swaths of the land are also civil war battle grounds and stations along the underground rail road. contested histories along the appalachian trail are multi-various and multi generational.

i welcome any and all initiative and suggestions towards expanding the narratives along this trail. though hiking the Appalachian trial offered many opportunities for reflection and was arguably one of the most important catalysts in my life thus far i believe it can only benefit from diverse approaches—from foot steps to perspectives

i learnt what it meant to experience first hand the beauty of trial magic, the hiker-mantra trail provides and come to accept, in spite of the resistance from my academic background, that the trail would put you where you need to be.

i walked through the venerated arches at amicaloa falls on march 22, 2013, kissed the weathered sign post atop mt. katahdin on september 18, 2016. appalachian trail saved my life. i didnt spend time in the woods; i earned it.

please visit the appalachian trail conservancy and consider donating your time, your resources for its continuity