i tend to walk alone more often than in the company of others. however, interdependence is probably one of the truest realities i have come to accept on my walks. in that way, nobody walks alone; no one stands alone. the places i walk have their share of stories and histories both elevated and erased out—it is important to be mindful of that. my walks and this space would not be possible without the effort and sacrifices of the named and nameless. i want to acknowledge this from outset before i give thanks to the following entities and individuals for contributing to my hikes.


zack ‘the good badger’ davis and his team of editors and contributors at the trek host a resourceful web portal for ambitious and seasoned distance hikers. every year the trek sponsors 12 aspiring thru hikers, giving them a chance to share their story and receive material support. in 2019 swami bittergoat received the badger sponsorship grand prize

swami would like to thank 2019 sponsors for their ongoing support for the hiking community:

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i decided to walk the applachian trail in the spring of 2013 with no real backpacking experience and a stitched up achilles tendon. i knew even less about gear selection. if there’s a constant on the trail is that everything is changes, that nothing is final. so too have been my gear choices. i know that it will continue to evolve. check out my initial gear list after scouring the web for cost and weight saving ideas and inspirations. this is my post-summit gear list, btw, in case you wanted to compare.

since then i have had the good fortune test a number of items for prolonged use on the trail. i’ve always done this for personal reasons and nobody had paid me (yet) to do this. several gear manufacturers over the years have been incredibly generous to me through special gear offers. i believe a big thank you for some of these companies are due for not only their generosity but also for continuing to push the frontiers of equipment performance and meaningful on trail support. shout outs to big agnes, vargo titanium, nunatak ultralight down equipment, granite gear packs, soto outdoors

and big thank you to icebreaker canada and arcteryx north vancouver for keeping me employed and fostering what would have otherwise been an expensive habit


answer your calling creative hub, has been instrumental in designing this digital space but also, crucially, for letting me figure my way out of this digital maze. thank you for your time, enthusiasm and willingness to guide, foster and transform ideas to action.

massive thanks to the founder (and my cousin) dharmini for the work you do & pushing amiththan to let swami bittergoat traverse uncharted virtual space.